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ReST Interview Questions and Answers Test 2 PDF Download

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ReST interview questions with answers, rest test 2 to practice rest questions for executive interview preparation. Learn rest on format features, rest websites, ajax and rest, rest architecture, rest oriented architecture questions and answers for jobs.

FAQs: ReST Test 2

Question: What are the features of formats used by ReST?


CSV is more compact. JSON is trivial to parse in JavaScript clients while XML is easy to expand and is type-safe.

Question: List some websites that use ReST APIs.


Twitter, Amazon and Flicker use ReST APIs.

Question: Can AJAX applications be transformed to ReST applications?


Yes, as AJAX applications follow the REST design principles therefore AJAX applications can be made truly ReST applications.

Question: Describe ReST architecture.


Following are the key components of ReST architecture :

  • State and functionality are represented using resources.
  • Systematic hierarchy of resources
  • Client server functionality
  • Interaction is stateless
  • Resource should be cacheable
  • Proxy servers

Question: What is important to design ReST architecture?


Following points should be keep in mind while design ReST architecture :

  • Never use physical URLs
  • Paging technique should be used if return data size is large
  • Output should never be changed
  • Always include actual URLs with ReST responses
  • Use GET and POST accordingly

Question: What is ROA?


ROA stands for ReST Oriented Architecture. This architecture is based on Service Based Architecture (SOA) using ReST services. ROA is very easy to implement.

Question: What is WSDL?


WSDL stands for Web Services Description Language. It is W3C standard. It is an XML format used to describe web services.

Question: What is WADL?


WADL stands for Web Application Description Language. WADL is easier to understand, lightweight and easier to write than WSDL.