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PHP Fresher Interview Questions and Answers Test 1 PDF Download

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PHP Fresher interview questions with answers, php fresher test 1 to practice php fresher questions for executive interview preparation. Learn php fresher on php basics, php data types, variables, constants, php 5 questions and answers for jobs.

FAQs: PHP Fresher Test 1

Question: What is PHP?


PHP: hypertext processor (PHP) is a server based scripting language, designed for web development to produce dynamic webpages. PHP is frequently used with MySQL to develop high traffic, mission critical applications.

Question: How many data types PHP Supports?


PHP supports boolean, integer, float, array, object, double, resource and NULL.

Question: What is syntax to declare variables in PHP?


Variables are declared by a dollar sign at start and semicolon at the end. e.g $mcqslearn;

Question: What is the syntax to declare constant in PHP?


Constants are declared without a dollar sign at start and all letters in upper case, e.g. MCQSLEARN;.

Question: What is new added in PHP 5?


PHP 5 added Zend Engine II with object oriented programming, robust XML support with libxml2 library, SOAP extension with interoperability and SQLite has been bundled with PHP.

Question: What is php.ini?


A default configuration file for running applications that require PHP. It can be used to control variables such as upload sizes, file timeouts, resource limits and many other parameters.

Generally php.ini file contains many parameters. The developers may change the following parameters if required: upload_max_filesize, register_globals, safe_mode, post_max_size, max_execution_time.

Question: What are the magic constants used in PHP?


Generally seven magic constants are used by PHP developers and programmers: __CLASS__, __DIR__, __FILE__, __LINE__, __METHOD__, __NAMESPACE__ and __FUNCTION__.

Question: What are the magic methods used in PHP?


Following are the magic methods, most commonly used by PHP developers and programmers: __construct(), __destruct(), __toString(), __get(), __set(), __isset(), __sleep(), __wakeup() and many more you may find at PHP developer manual