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C++ Interview Questions and Answers Test 1 PDF Download

C++ interview questions with answers, c++ test 1 to practice c++ questions for executive interview preparation. Learn c++ on what is c++, class and object, integrated development system, command line system, autoexec batch file questions and answers for jobs.

FAQs: C++ Test 1

Question: What is C++?


C++ is a general purpose programming language that supports object oriented programming, data abstraction and generic programming.

Question: What is a class and an object in C++?


A class is the coded representation of an idea, a concept. An object of a class represents a particular coded example of the idea.

Question: What is IDE?


IDE stands for Integrated Development System referred to as a programmer's platform with a window screen display and pull down menu. IDE is displayed by executing ec.exe file.

Question: What is command line development system?


A traditional command line system in which editing, compiling, linking, debugging and executing are performed from DOS command.

Question: What is an autoexec.bat?


In order to modify the path command, auotexec.bat file is edited to execute files available in any directory.

Question: How many memory models are included in C language?


There are five memory models: Small/Tiny, Compact, Medium, Large and Huge

Question: What is the difference between compiling and linking?


Compiling is a process before linking which changes the source code into machine language version, while linking combines the source code with various library routines and produces ‘.exe’ executable files. In IDE environment compiling and linking can be performed in one step.

Question: What does inheritance means?


Inheritance means making objects out of other objects whereas objects are members of classes.