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ReST Interview Questions and Answers Test 1 PDF Download

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ReST interview questions with answers, rest test 1 to practice rest questions for executive interview preparation. Learn rest on what is rest, rest application, rest features, rest limitations, rest conventions questions and answers for jobs.

FAQs: ReST Test 1

Question: What is a ReST?


ReST stands for Representational State Transfer. ReST is

Question: What is ReSTful application?


ReSTful applications use HTTP requests to post data, read data and to delete data.

Question: List some features of ReST services?


ReST service has features like:

  • Platform Independent
  • Language Independent
  • Runs on Top of HTTP
  • Firewalls and ReST services can be simultaneously used.

Question: What are the limitations of ReST services?


ReST services has no built-in encryption, session management, cookies, security and QoS with some other limitations.

Question: What is specific in common convention in ReST?


ReST design uses nouns rather than verbs to denote simple resources.

Question: How can a developer make ReST a secure application?


Generally ReST is an insecure application but implementing any encryption technique compatible with ReST application, it can be secure to carry over secure sockets.

Question: What is difference between GET and POST requests in ReST?


GET requests should not change the state of the server and its data, while POST requests change the state of server by creation, updating, and deleting data.

Question: Which formats are used in server response in ReST?


XML, comma-separated values (CSV) and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) are the formats used in server response.