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Partial differential equations Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook p. 2

Partial differential equations quiz questions, partial differential equations multiple choice questions and answers PDF to prepare computational fluid dynamics exam worksheet 2 for online certificate programs. Practice Mathematical Behavior of Partial differential equation quiz with answers, partial differential equations Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve cfd test with answers to prepare engineering courses for online degrees. Free partial differential equations MCQs, transformation of equation, purpose of cfd, partial differential equations test prep for online engineering graduate colleges.

"At Mach number Ma < 1, pressure disturbances travel", partial differential equations Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices slower than flow velocity, faster than flow velocity, equal to flow velocity, and none of above to learn online classes courses. Learn mathematical behavior of partial differential equation questions and answers with free online certification courses for online high school and college acceptance.

Partial differential equations Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Partial differential equations Quiz

MCQ: At Mach number Ma < 1, pressure disturbances travel

  1. faster than flow velocity
  2. slower than flow velocity
  3. equal to flow velocity
  4. none of above


Purpose of CFD Quiz

MCQ: The dividing line between the subsonic and super sonic regime is called

  1. subsonic line
  2. supersonic line
  3. sonic line
  4. reference line


Transformation of Equation Quiz

MCQ: Truncation error becomes zero as mesh spacing tends to

  1. maximum
  2. minimum
  3. zero
  4. none of above


Errors and analysis of stability Quiz

MCQ: The difference between the exact solution to the mathematical model and the discretized equations used to approximate it is called

  1. modeling error
  2. discretization error
  3. convergence error
  4. none of above


Purpose of CFD Quiz

MCQ: Euler number indicates the relationship between

  1. pressure drop
  2. temperature drop
  3. velocity drop
  4. viscosity drop