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Dilatation; Bulk Modulus Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook p. 2

Dilatation; Bulk Modulus quiz questions, dilatation; bulk modulus multiple choice questions and answers PDF to prepare mechanics of materials exam worksheet 2 for online certificate programs. Practice Stress and Strain Axial Loading quiz with answers, dilatation; bulk modulus Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve materials test with answers to prepare engineering courses for online degrees. Free dilatation; bulk modulus MCQs, ultimate and allowable stress; factor of safety, stress concentrations, introduction to torsion, normal strain under axial loading, dilatation; bulk modulus test prep for engineering graduate schools.

"If body is subjected to hydrostatic pressure p, dilatation e equals to", dilatation; bulk modulus Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices (1-2v)p/e, (-3(1-2v)p)/e, (-3(1-2v))/pe, and (-2(1-2v)p)/e for online certificate programs. Learn stress and strain axial loading questions and answers with free online certification courses for tricky trivia questions.

Dilatation; Bulk Modulus Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Dilatation; Bulk Modulus Quiz

MCQ: If body is subjected to hydrostatic pressure p, dilatation e equals to

  1. (-3(1-2v)p)/E
  2. (1-2v)p/E
  3. (-3(1-2v))/pE
  4. (-2(1-2v)p)/E


Normal Strain under axial loading Quiz

MCQ: If a rod of length L = 0.5 m undergoes deformation ? = 200μm. Strain will be

  1. 300 μ
  2. 200 μ
  3. 100 μ
  4. 400 μ


Introduction to Torsion Quiz

MCQ: When a shaft is subjected to torsion, every cross-section

  1. remains plane and undistorted
  2. remains plane and distorted
  3. remains undistorted only
  4. none of above


Stress Concentrations Quiz

MCQ: According to Saint Venant's principle, the actual loading and loading used to compute stresses must be

  1. statically equivalent
  2. dynamically equivalent
  3. one half of each other
  4. none of above


Ultimate and Allowable Stress; Factor of Safety Quiz

MCQ: Margin of safety is equal to

  1. Factor of safety - 2.00
  2. Factor of Safety - 1.00
  3. Factor of safety - 1.5
  4. Factor of safety - 0.5