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AJAX Interview Questions and Answers Test 1 PDF Download

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AJAX interview questions with answers, ajax test 1 to practice ajax questions for executive interview preparation. Learn ajax on ajax basics, main function, ajax object, ajax syntax, ajax methods questions and answers for jobs.

FAQs: AJAX Test 1

Question: What is AJAX?


AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX is used for dynamically updating the portion of web page without refreshing the whole page. A JavaScript function is called to get the response from Application Server.

Question: What is a main function of AJAX?


AJAX is mainly used to update parts of a loaded page, without reloading the complete page.

Question: Which object is used to retrieve data from a web server?


XMLHttpRequest is an object used to retrieve data from a server.

Question: What is syntax for creating an XMLHttpRequest object?


variable = new XMLHttpRequest();

Question: Which methods are used to send a request to a server?


open() and send() methods are used to send a request to a web server.

Question: What is a code to implement GET request using AJAX?

Answer:“GET”, “file/script on server”, true); xhttp.send();

Question: What are advantages of asynchronous requests in AJAX?


Asynchronous requests greatly improve web response for web developers.

Question: What is a code to implement POST request using AJAX?

Answer:“POST”, “file/script on serve”, true);xhttp.send();