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Carding Quiz Questions Online p. 13

Learn Carding quiz questions and answers, carding MCQ with answers PDF 13 to learn Textile Technology online course. Woolen Spinning trivia questions, Carding Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Carding Quiz" PDF Book: nature of matter, introduction to combing, carding test prep for online associates degree.

"In carding room, number of working cylinders is" MCQ PDF: upto 8 per drum, upto 6 per drum, upto 10 per drum, and upto 12 per drum for online colleges. Study woolen spinning questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for best online colleges.

Quiz on Carding MCQs

MCQ: In carding room, number of working cylinders is

upto 6 per drum
upto 8 per drum
upto 10 per drum
upto 12 per drum

MCQ: Compromise between umber of drawing operations and blousse generated is reached after

2 drawing steps
3 drawing steps
4 drawing steps
5 drawing steps

MCQ: The weak forces between each molecule of the material is called as

valency bonds
van der Waals forces

MCQ: The crimping device is used for enhancing the


MCQ: The tye of material used for wrapping bales is

metal support
all of above