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Writing Fliers Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download - 85

Practice Writing Fliers quiz questions and answers PDF, writing fliers trivia questions PDF to solve technical writing worksheet 85 for online mock test. Practice "Fliers, Brochures and Newsletters Quiz Questions" with answers, writing fliers Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for technical writing. Free writing fliers MCQs, prewriting, writing newsletters, writing fliers test prep for online schools that offer certificate programs.

"The right way to use the logo in flyers;", writing fliers Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices to place it on bottom, to place it on top, make it more colorful, and all of above for colleges that offer certificate programs.

Quiz on Writing Fliers PDF Download 85

Writing Fliers Quiz

MCQ: Right way to use logo in flyers;

  1. to place it on top
  2. to place it on bottom
  3. make it more colorful
  4. All of above


Writing Newsletters Quiz

MCQ: Pop-up quotes in newsletter actually reflects the;

  1. repetitive key point
  2. hints
  3. facts and figures
  4. professional writing


PreWriting Quiz

MCQ: Challenge of time consumption more then e-mail messages, less formal, belongs to communication channel;

  1. cell phone e-mail messages
  2. memos
  3. newsletter
  4. websites


Writing Newsletters Quiz

MCQ: Technique used in guiding readers searching random topic associated with their page number, called as;

  1. side bars
  2. table of contents
  3. initial caps
  4. graphics


Writing Process Quiz

MCQ: Determining purpose and gathering data is part of;

  1. writing
  2. pro-writing
  3. re-writing
  4. All of above