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Instructions Writing MCQ with Answers PDF Download - 35

Solve Instructions Writing multiple choice questions and answers PDF, instructions writing quiz answers PDF to learn technical writing worksheet 35 for online past papers exam. Practice "Instructions and User Manuals Quiz" with answers, instructions writing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for technical writing. Free instructions writing MCQs, writing, memos, summary writing, informal oral communication, instructions writing test prep for online bachelor's degree.

"The most common look assosiated with writing an effective instruction, known as:", instructions writing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices graphic novel, movie banner, comic book look, and network domain to learn online certificate courses.

Instructions Writing PDF Download 35

Instructions Writing Quiz

MCQ: Most common look assosiated with writing an effective instruction, known as:

  1. movie banner
  2. graphic novel
  3. comic book look
  4. network domain


Informal Oral Communication Quiz

MCQ: Most appropriate communication medium, that a boss needed assistance of a technical writer, sharing his findings upon interviews and research, defined as:

  1. informal oral communication
  2. summary
  3. proposal
  4. impressionistic words


Summary Writing Quiz

MCQ: What is recommended to include for writing a long report?

  1. executive summary
  2. introduction
  3. indexing
  4. biased language


Memos Quiz

MCQ: A key component of memo, embodied with;

  1. audience recognition
  2. comparison/contrast
  3. e-mail addresses
  4. accuracy


Writing Quiz

MCQ: A monotonous-looking text, not pertaining to be as:

  1. reader friendly
  2. unambiguous
  3. accurate
  4. precise