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Resume Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download - 28

Practice Resume quiz questions and answers PDF, resume trivia questions PDF to solve technical writing worksheet 28 for online mock test. Practice Job Search quiz questions with answers, resume Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for technical writing. Free resume MCQs, summary writing, audience involvement, resume test prep for colleges and universities exams.

"A reverse chronological resume ought to be written, if;", resume Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices planning to enter a different domain, there is no career breaks, jobs are switched frequently, and schedule an interview for online schools that offer certificate programs.

Quiz on Resume PDF Download 28

Resume Quiz

MCQ: A reverse chronological resume ought to be written, if;

  1. there is no career breaks
  2. planning to enter a different domain
  3. jobs are switched frequently
  4. schedule an interview


Audience Involvement Quiz

MCQ: Writing can sense as an ego-centric, by overusing pronouns;

  1. he, she and it
  2. you and your
  3. we, us and our
  4. All of above


Audience Involvement Quiz

MCQ: A technical writer be compelled to use second name, if reader is;

  1. friend
  2. CEO
  3. stranger and having a formal relation
  4. neighbor


Summary Writing Quiz

MCQ: For writing an effective summary of an article, summary must be included;

  1. extra information
  2. simple terms
  3. impressive words
  4. story line


Memos Quiz

MCQ: To allocate responsibilities to subordinates in memos is called:

  1. directive
  2. status
  3. feasibility
  4. accuracy