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Types of Graphics Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download - 109

Practice Types of Graphics quiz questions and answers PDF, types of graphics trivia questions PDF to solve technical writing worksheet 109 for online mock test. Practice "Graphics Quiz Questions" with answers, types of graphics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for technical writing. Free types of graphics MCQs, prewriting, writing, technical writing, conciseness, types of graphics test prep for online colleges and universities.

"The applications, CAD/CAM, architectural design and statistical analysis, put to use;", types of graphics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices flow charts, 3-d topographical charts, bar charts, and bar graph for distance learning programs.

Quiz on Types of Graphics PDF Download 109

Types of Graphics Quiz

MCQ: Applications, CAD/CAM, architectural design and statistical analysis, put to use;

  1. 3-D Topographical charts
  2. Flow charts
  3. Bar charts
  4. Bar graph


Conciseness Quiz

MCQ: A good example of 'multisyllabic' word, included as:

  1. tricycle
  2. bad
  3. cap
  4. bicycle


Technical Writing Quiz

MCQ: Technical writing forum, required for selling and introducing products, using internet-based communication, known as:

  1. flyers
  2. newsletter
  3. website
  4. memo


Writing Quiz

MCQ: Writing skill is proved as an effective way in;

  1. packaging the data
  2. transferring the data
  3. gathering the data
  4. manipulating the data


PreWriting Quiz

MCQ: In pre-writing technique, generated ideas without following any sequence, termed as:

  1. flowcharting
  2. mind mapping
  3. organization charts
  4. line graph