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Phylum Rotifera Trivia Questions and Answers PDF p. 51

Phylum Rotifera trivia questions and answers, phylum rotifera worksheets with answers PDF 51 to practice Phylum exam questions for online classes. Practice Pseudocoelomate Body Plan Aschelminths MCQ questions, phylum rotifera Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Phylum Rotifera Quizzes PDF: general characteristics of echinoderms, class diplopoda, phylum rotifera test prep for distance learning programs.

"In class Bdelloidea that female produces the" MCQ PDF with choices diploid eggs, haploid eggs, larvae, and tadpole for accredited distance learning universities. Learn pseudocoelomate body plan aschelminths questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online college courses.

Trivia Quiz on Phylum Rotifera MCQs

MCQ: In class Bdelloidea that female produces the

haploid eggs
diploid eggs

MCQ: In the millipede's hydrogen, cyanide is produced by a gland, called

repugnatorial gland
master gland
sinus glands
secretory gland

MCQ: Echinoderms completely lack

respiratory structures
sensory appendages
excretory organs
digestive system

MCQ: Rotifers are small organisms that range in length from

0.1-3 mm
0.001-0.3 mm
0.3-0.5 mm
0.6-0.9 mm

MCQ: The arthropods have a

dorsal nervous system
ventral nervous system
lateral nervous system
none of above

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