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Development Stages Trivia Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 95

Practice Development stages trivia questions and answers PDF, development stages quiz answers to learn organizational development worksheet 95 for online past papers exam. Practice "Interorganizational Relationships" quiz with answers, development stages Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for organizational management. Free development stages MCQs, balanced scorecard, functional, divisional and geographic designs, structural dimensions, resource dependence, development stages test prep for schools that offer certificate programs.

"An organization's formalization stage is said to be of", development stages Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices bureaucratic, pre-bureaucratic, centralized-bureaucratic, and non-bureaucratic for colleges that offer certificate programs. Learn interorganizational relationships questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for free online college classes.

Quizzes on Development Stages PDF Download eBook 95

Development Stages Quiz

MCQ: An organization's formalization stage is said to be of

  1. Pre-Bureaucratic
  2. Bureaucratic
  3. Centralized-Bureaucratic
  4. Non-Bureaucratic


Resource Dependence Quiz

MCQ: Within a population of organizations, organizational diversity and adaptation is focused in a

  1. Organizational ecology
  2. Cultural ecology
  3. Population ecology
  4. Pattern ecology


Structural Dimensions Quiz

MCQ: All elements outside boundary of organization are included in

  1. Technology
  2. Environment
  3. Span of control
  4. Size of organization


Functional, Divisional and Geographic Designs Quiz

MCQ: A structure that reduces administrative overhead costs is known as

  1. Network Structure
  2. Vertical Structure
  3. Horizontal Structure
  4. Matrix Structure


Balanced Scorecard Quiz

MCQ: While managing strategy resource allocation is performed by a process known to be

  1. Business model
  2. Business planning
  3. Linking system
  4. Allocation model