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Development Stages Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook 56

Development stages quiz questions, development stages multiple choice questions and answers PDF 56 to learn organizational development course for online certification. Practice "Interorganizational Relationships" quiz with answers, development stages Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for organizational management. Free development stages MCQs, efficient performance and learning organization, organizational configuration, development stages test prep for online degree programs.

"At the elaboration stage, the services of an organization ranges from", development stages Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices single product/ service, line of products/ services, multiple lines, and major product/ services for online university courses. Learn interorganizational relationships questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for bachelor degree online in 2 years.

Quizzes on Development Stages PDF Download eBook 56

Development Stages Quiz

MCQ: At elaboration stage, services of an organization ranges from

  1. Line of Products/ services
  2. Single product/ service
  3. Multiple Lines
  4. Major Product/ services


Organizational Configuration Quiz

MCQ: Job of handling human resource activities such as recruiting and hiring lies under the

  1. Management
  2. Technical support
  3. Top management
  4. Administrative support


Efficient Performance and Learning Organization Quiz

MCQ: A natural design system have structure of

  1. Adaptive
  2. Non-adaptive
  3. Vertical
  4. Horizontal


Organizational Knowledge Quiz

MCQ: Agreement about ambiguous issues are clarified by help of

  1. Group meetings
  2. Rules and regulations
  3. Formal information system
  4. Database contacts


Organizational Configuration Quiz

MCQ: At entrepreneurial stage, level of formalization or specialization is

  1. Huge
  2. Complex
  3. Little
  4. Plain