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Organizational Knowledge Worksheet with Answers PDF Download eBook - 24

Learn Organizational knowledge worksheet with answers PDF, organizational knowledge MCQ with answers to solve organizational development worksheet 24 for online board exam 2021. Practice "Information, Knowledge and Organizational Control" trivia questions and answers, organizational knowledge Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for organizational management. Free organizational knowledge MCQs, information sharing perspective, organizational strategy, organizational configuration, resource dependence, organizational knowledge test prep for accredited distance learning universities.

"The area following extensive written reports, rules and procedures is said to be", organizational knowledge Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices non-routine technology, craft technology, routine technology, and rule governed technology for online university courses. Learn information, knowledge and organizational control questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for best online colleges.

Trivia Quiz on Organizational Knowledge PDF Download eBook 24

Organizational Knowledge Quiz

MCQ: Area following extensive written reports, rules and procedures is said to be

  1. Craft technology
  2. Non-routine technology
  3. Routine technology
  4. Rule governed technology


Resource Dependence Quiz

MCQ: Multiple businesses and individuals network that are connected by flow of products or services, is called

  1. Supply chain
  2. Resource chain
  3. Relationship chain
  4. Cultural chain


Organizational Configuration Quiz

MCQ: Maintenance of physical and human elements of organization is responsibility of

  1. Administrative support
  2. Management
  3. Technical support
  4. Specialized core


Organizational Strategy Quiz

MCQ: Rethinking or developing a business model consists of

  1. 2 steps
  2. 3 steps
  3. 4 steps
  4. 5 steps


Information Sharing Perspective Quiz

MCQ: A standard information source enabling employees to coordinate without communication is known as

  1. Hierarchical Referral
  2. Information system
  3. Rules
  4. Chain of command