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Introduction to Organizational Structure Trivia Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 122

Practice Introduction to organizational structure trivia questions and answers PDF, introduction to organizational structure quiz answers to learn organizational development worksheet 122 for online past papers exam. Practice "Organizational Structure Design" quiz with answers, introduction to organizational structure Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for organizational management. Free introduction to organizational structure MCQs, functional, divisional and geographic designs, analytical methods, development stages, organizational knowledge, introduction to organizational structure test prep for online college courses.

"Information linkages are created by managers that facilitates communication and", introduction to organizational structure Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices effectiveness, efficiency, coordination, and defined constraints for online associates degree. Learn organizational structure design questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online university classes.

Quizzes on Introduction to Organizational Structure PDF Download eBook 122

Introduction to Organizational Structure Quiz

MCQ: Information linkages are created by managers that facilitates communication and

  1. Efficiency
  2. Effectiveness
  3. Coordination
  4. Defined constraints


Organizational Knowledge Quiz

MCQ: Experience shared and tacit knowledge shared by an individual results in

  1. Externalized knowledge
  2. Internalized knowledge
  3. Work routines
  4. Codified knowledge


Development Stages Quiz

MCQ: An organization focusing on core skills and and investing in them for future, is called to be its

  1. Rebuilding
  2. Reactivating
  3. Retrenchment
  4. Reinvestment


Analytical Methods Quiz

MCQ: Terminology representing over/under budget at end of project is said to be

  1. Estimate at completion
  2. Variance at completion
  3. Value at completion
  4. Budget at completion


Functional, Divisional and Geographic Designs Quiz

MCQ: Teamwork and collaboration is promoted in structure named as

  1. Vertical Structure
  2. Horizontal Structure
  3. Matrix Structure
  4. Functional Structure