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DNA and Replication of DNA MCQ with Answers PDF Download eBook - 47

Solve DNA and Replication of DNA multiple choice questions and answers PDF, dna and replication of dna quiz answers PDF to learn molecular biology worksheet 47 for online past papers exam. Practice "DNA Replication, Recombination and Repair Quiz" with answers, dna and replication of dna Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for molecular biology. Free dna and replication of dna MCQs, recombination, damage and repair of dna, operons: lac and tryptophan operons, immune system, cells and immunity in health and disease, approaches for gene therapy, dna and replication of dna test prep for best online universities.

"The alternative name for the leading strand known as", dna and replication of dna Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices synthesis strand only, continuous strand only, retrograde, and continuous and synthesis strand for online degree programs.

DNA and Replication of DNA PDF Download eBook 47

DNA and Replication of DNA Quiz

MCQ: Alternative name for leading strand known as

  1. Continuous strand only
  2. Synthesis strand only
  3. Retrograde
  4. Continuous and synthesis strand


Approaches for Gene Therapy Quiz

MCQ: In an organism term somatic cell commonly known as

  1. lymphatic cells
  2. Non-reproductive cells
  3. Reproductive cells
  4. none of above


Immune System, Cells and Immunity in Health and Disease Quiz

MCQ: Primary lymphoid organs incorporated with

  1. Thymus only
  2. Bone marrow only
  3. Liver
  4. Thymus and Bone marrow


Operons: Lac and Tryptophan Operons Quiz

MCQ: Lac operon included

  1. Operator gene
  2. Structural gene
  3. Promoter site
  4. all of above


Recombination, Damage and Repair of DNA Quiz

MCQ: Moveable or mobile segment of DNA termed as

  1. Transposons only
  2. Transposable elements only
  3. non transposable elements
  4. Transposons and transposable elements