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Stomach Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook 71

Stomach quiz questions, stomach multiple choice questions and answers PDF 71 to learn histology course for online certification. Practice "Digestive System" quiz with answers, stomach Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for histology. Free stomach MCQs, cornea, small intestine, stomach test prep for online college courses.

"The small pieces of the food that enters in the stomach, called as", stomach Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices digestible food, digested food, bolus, and mucosed food for online associates degree.

Stomach PDF Download eBook 71

Stomach Quiz

MCQ: Small pieces of food that enters in stomach, called as

  1. digested food
  2. digestible food
  3. bolus
  4. Mucosed food


Small Intestine Quiz

MCQ: Length of microvilli is about

  1. 2 µm
  2. 1 µm
  3. 5 µm
  4. 6 µm


Stomach Quiz

MCQ: Glands that lie in a narrow ring-shaped area around cardia is named as

  1. Fundic glands
  2. cardiac glands
  3. pyloric glands
  4. none of above


Cornea Quiz

MCQ: Another name for corneal stroma is called as

  1. Descemet s membrane
  2. corneal epithelium
  3. lamella
  4. Episclera


Cerebellum Quiz

MCQ: At back of vertebrate s skull, part of brain that regulates and coordinate muscular activity, known as

  1. cerebellum
  2. cerebrum
  3. hemisphere
  4. thalamus