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Platelets Worksheet with Answers PDF Download eBook - 129

Learn Platelets worksheet with answers PDF, platelets MCQ with answers PDF to practice histology worksheet 129 for online master's programs. Practice Blood trivia questions and answers, platelets Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for histology. Free platelets MCQs, loose connective tissues, salivary glands and saliva, thyroid glands, cell organelles: golgi apparatus, platelets test prep for accredited online degree programs.

"The red bone marrow is actively engaged in the formation of", platelets Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices red blood cells only, platelets only, white blood cells, and platelets and red blood cells for online bachelor degree programs.

Trivia Quiz on Platelets PDF Download eBook 129

Platelets Quiz

MCQ: Red bone marrow is actively engaged in formation of

  1. platelets only
  2. red blood cells only
  3. white blood cells
  4. platelets and red blood cells


Cell Organelles: Golgi Apparatus Quiz

MCQ: Golgi apparatus was identified by Camillo Golgi in

  1. 1898
  2. 1899
  3. 1897
  4. 1892


Thyroid Glands Quiz

MCQ: Thyroid glands are also named as

  1. Adam's apple
  2. principal cells
  3. voice box
  4. necrosis


Salivary Glands and Saliva Quiz

MCQ: Major salivary glands, included

  1. sublingual gland
  2. submandibular glands
  3. parotid glands
  4. all of above


Loose Connective Tissues Quiz

MCQ: Ground substance of loose connective tissue is

  1. solid-like
  2. fluid-like
  3. granule-like
  4. button-like