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Wind Energy Multiple Choice Questions p. 95

Study Wind Energy multiple choice questions and answers, wind energy quiz answers PDF 95 to study Global Warming course online. Energy and Transport for Future MCQ trivia questions, Wind Energy Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Wind Energy MCQ" PDF eBook: global warming, back to nature, hydro power, world energy demand and supply, wind energy test prep for online colleges and universities.

"A wind energy generator, having three bladed propeller, approximetely," MCQ PDF: 50 m in diameter, 40 m in diameter, 80m in diameter, and 100m in diameter for online degree programs. Learn energy and transport for future questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online university.

Wind Energy Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: A wind energy generator, having three bladed propeller, approximetely,

40 m in diameter
50 m in diameter
80m in diameter
100m in diameter

MCQ: What are the traditional sources of energy?

Biomass and wood
Solar and wind energy
Hydro Energy
Fossil fuels and Coal

MCQ: Hydroelectric schemes can only provide few kelowatts of a power to;

Small Villages
Large Villages
Large cities
Less populated continent

MCQ: The earth's atmosphere contains 78 percent of;


MCQ: Between 1928 and 1958, Dobson established a worldwide network of;

Aerosol Monitoring station
Pollution monitoring station
Climate monitoring station
ozone monitoring stations