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Development of Behavior Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 79

Development of Behavior quiz questions and answers, development of behavior MCQ with answers PDF 79 to solve General Zoology mock tests for online college programs. Learn Behavioral Ecology trivia questions, development of behavior Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Development of Behavior Quiz PDF: meiosis: basis of sexual reproduction, hormones of vertebrates: birds and mammals, echinoderm embryology, mammalian digestive system, development of behavior test prep for colleges that offer certificate programs.

"The trial and error learning is called" MCQ PDF with choices instrumental conditioning, classical conditioning, habituation, and maturation for accelerated online degrees. Practice behavioral ecology questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online college courses.

Quiz on Development of Behavior MCQs

MCQ: The trial and error learning is called

classical conditioning
instrumental conditioning

MCQ: Lipid is digested by the enzyme called


MCQ: In echinoderms, the cleavages are Holoblastic, produces


MCQ: Contraction of the uterus in the mammals is stimulated by the

diuretic hormone

MCQ: The type of cell division in which the number of chromosomes becomes half as compared to parents cell and yield four daughter cell, known as

cell division

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