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Energy Flow in Ecosystem Mock Test for Exam PDF Download - 168

Learn Energy Flow in Ecosystem mock test for exam, energy flow in ecosystem MCQ with answers PDF to practice environmental science worksheet 168 for online certification exam. Practice "Ecosystems Trivia Questions" and answers, energy flow in ecosystem Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for environmental science. Free energy flow in ecosystem MCQs, air pollution, water pollution, energy flow in ecosystem test prep for online college courses.

"What is the ultimate source of energy in an ecosystem?", energy flow in ecosystem Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices nutrients, sunlight, food, and water for colleges that offer online degrees.

Trivia Quiz on Energy Flow in Ecosystem PDF Download 168

Energy Flow in Ecosystem Quiz

MCQ: What is ultimate source of energy in an ecosystem?

  1. Sunlight
  2. Nutrients
  3. Food
  4. Water


Water Pollution Quiz

MCQ: As temperature increases, water reduces amount of dissolved oxygen, resulting in increased

  1. Nutrient activity
  2. Chemical processes
  3. Biological activity
  4. Environmental activity


Air Pollution Quiz

MCQ: Natural sources of sulfur dioxide involves:

  1. Respiration
  2. Cement production
  3. PAN
  4. Volcanic eruptions


Air Pollution Quiz

MCQ: Which pollution is considered as major environmental risk factor on environment?

  1. Visual pollution
  2. Therml pollution
  3. Soil pollution
  4. Air Pollution


Environmental Science Quiz

MCQ: Essence of environmental sciences involve:

  1. Social aspect
  2. Political aspect
  3. Economic aspect
  4. All of above