Air Pollution Trivia MCQs Online PDF Download 138

Air Pollution trivia questions, air pollution multiple choice questions and answers PDF 138 to study environmental science online course. Practice "Environmental pollution" trivia questions and answers, air pollution Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online environmental science degree. Free air pollution MCQs, atmosphere, major ecosystems, air pollution test prep for colleges that offer online degrees.

"The rate of temperature changes in the atmosphere is known as:", air pollution Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices lapse rate, elr, environmental lapse rate, and rlr for best online colleges.

Trivia Quiz on Air Pollution PDF Download 138

Air Pollution Quiz

MCQ: Rate of temperature changes in atmosphere is known as:

  1. ELR
  2. Lapse rate
  3. Environmental Lapse Rate
  4. RLR


Air Pollution Quiz

MCQ: In which atmospheric self cleansing process, large particles act as a receptor for smaller ones to form a unit?

  1. Flocculation
  2. Dispersion
  3. Self cleansing
  4. Gravitational Settling


Major Ecosystems Quiz

MCQ: How many zones are in open ocean ?

  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 4
  4. 5


Atmosphere Quiz

MCQ: What is percentage of trace gases in atmosphere?

  1. 0.003
  2. 0.0002
  3. 0.029
  4. 0.008


Biosphere Quiz

MCQ: What are examples of unsubsidized natural solar powered ecosystem?

  1. Machines
  2. Forests, Oceans and Grasslands
  3. Houses
  4. Industries