Acid Deposition Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download 119

Acid Deposition quiz questions, acid deposition quiz answers PDF 119 to study environmental science online degree course. Practice "Global Air Pollution" quiz with answers, acid deposition Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online environmental science degree. Free acid deposition MCQs, need for basic awareness, global climate change, acid deposition test prep for online college courses.

"What does 'Aluminum' irritate ?", acid deposition Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices shark's gills, brook trout's gills, zooplankton's gills, and phytoplankton's gills for online college courses.

Acid Deposition Questions and Answers PDF Download 119

Acid Deposition Quiz

MCQ: What does 'Aluminum' irritate ?

  1. Brook trout's gills
  2. Shark's gills
  3. Zooplankton's gills
  4. Phytoplankton's gills


Global Climate Change Quiz

MCQ: Earth's temperate is affected by:

  1. The loss of precipitation
  2. The loss of heat
  3. The loss of evaporation
  4. The loss of sunlight


Global Climate Change Quiz

MCQ: What causes rapid melting of glaciers ?

  1. Natural occurance of climatic variability
  2. Man-made global warming
  3. Volcanic eruption
  4. Solar variability


Need for Basic Awareness Quiz

MCQ: What factor makes a man dominant species in biosphere?

  1. Body structure
  2. Ingenious brain power
  3. Powerful body
  4. Internal structure of body


Structure & Function of Ecosystem Quiz

MCQ: A dependent, on producers for their food is called

  1. Autotrophic organisms
  2. Heterotrophs
  3. Primary producers
  4. Sulphur and carbon