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Millennium Year of 2000 Quiz Questions PDF Download - 73

The e-Book Millennium Year of 2000 Quiz Questions, millennium year of 2000 MCQ with answers PDF chapter 8-73 to study online courses, basic sociology tests. Practice Thinking Sociologically and Thinking Globally trivia questions, Millennium Year of 2000 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book "Millennium Year of 2000 MCQ" App Download: ethnocentricity and cultural relativity, function, society and action, issues in ethics and politics, social construction of reality, millennium year of 2000 test prep for schools that offer certificate programs.

The Quiz "According to sociologists food is the greatest worry for the majority of the population " PDF, Millennium Year of 2000 App Download (Free) with every month, every year, every week, and every day choices for accredited distance learning universities. Solve thinking sociologically and thinking globally questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for online schools that offer certificate programs.

Chapter 8 Quiz: Millennium Year of 2000 MCQs

MCQ: According to sociologists food is the greatest worry for the majority of the population

A) Every year
B) Every month
C) Every week
D) Every day

MCQ: To avoid frustration, the child learns to approach the would realistically is

A) Personality ego
B) Personality demands
C) Personal matter
D) Power

MCQ: In sociology two basic requirements for sociological investigation are

A) Viewing the world a sociological perspective
B) Being curious and asking questions about society
C) Report findings
D) All of the above

MCQ: According to sociology in poor countries one third of the people live in

A) Town
B) Village
C) City
D) state

MCQ: Material culture is always the product of

A) Knowledge
B) Ideas
C) Material and non material
D) All of the above

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