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Power in Physics Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 33

Power in Physics interview questions and answers, power in physics trivia questions PDF 33 to practice SAT Physics exam questions for online classes. Practice Energy Mass and Power MCQ questions, power in physics Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Power in Physics Interview Questions PDF: density, facts about waves, power in physics test prep for college admission test.

"One watt is given by" MCQ PDF with choices one joule/one second, one second/one joule, one joule/one meter, and one joule/one km for online SAT prep. Learn energy mass and power questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for high school entrance exam.

Trivia Quiz on Power in Physics MCQs

MCQ: One watt is given by

one second/one joule
one joule/one second
one joule/one meter
one joule/one km

MCQ: A pendulum bob moving from the extreme left to the extreme right and back to its starting position is said to be


MCQ: A wave is made up of

periodic motion
circulatory motion
translatory motion
exclatory motion

MCQ: If the volume of a cubical shape is 320500 m3 and mass is 85200 tones, then the density should be

325 kg m-3
112 kg m-3
540 kg m-3
266 kg m-3

MCQ: We study about matter, energy and their interaction in