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Learn Safety Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Safety quiz answers PDF to study sat chemistry online course for sat chemistry classes. Laboratory Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Safety quiz questions for job assessment test. "Safety MCQ" PDF Book: observations, laboratory experiments, analysis, measurements and calculations test prep for SAT subject test.

"In case of very small burns, the burnt place should be dipped in" MCQ PDF: safety with choices 8 % nahco3 solution, 9 % nahco3 solution, 10 % nahco3 solution, and 20 % nahco3 solution for job assessment test. Study safety quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for questions to ask during an interview.

MCQs on Safety Quiz

MCQ: In case of very small burns, the burnt place should be dipped in

8 % NaHCO3 solution
9 % NaHCO3 solution
10 % NaHCO3 solution
20 % NaHCO3 solution

MCQ: In boiling point apparatus, the lower end of the thermometer bulb and the capillary tube must be

In opposite direction
In one plane
In three dimension
At the same level

MCQ: If poison is swallowed, then give one teaspoon of oil is taken

Mustard oil
Almond oil
vegetable oil
All of above

MCQ: Sodium metal is stored in

Carbon dioxide

MCQ: For alkali burns, wash with plenty of water and then with

10 % Acetic acid solution
1 % Acetic acid solution
20 % Acetic acid solution
30 % Acetic acid solution