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Excretion in Mammals Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook 98

Practice Excretion in Mammals quiz questions, excretion in mammals multiple choice questions and answers PDF to prep SAT biology exam worksheet 98 for online certificate programs. College board SAT preparation with "Removal of Waste Products" quiz with answers, excretion in mammals Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve college board biology quiz questions with answers. Free excretion in mammals MCQs, career aptitude test on features of sexual reproduction in animals, characteristics of enzymes, excretion in mammals test prep for college entrance exams.

"Each human kidney has narrow tubules surrounded by", excretion in mammals Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices blood viens, blood cells, blood vessel, and nephron to enroll in online colleges. Learn removal of waste products questions and answers with free online certification courses for online SAT prep.

Excretion in Mammals Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Excretion in Mammals Quiz

MCQ: Each human kidney has narrow tubules surrounded by

  1. Blood cells
  2. Blood viens
  3. Blood vessel
  4. Nephron


Excretion in Mammals Quiz

MCQ: In normal adults, 120 cm cube of filtrate is formed in kidney every

  1. Second
  2. Hour
  3. Minute
  4. Day


Characteristics of Enzymes Quiz

MCQ: The enzyme in pawpaw have optimum temperature of

  1. 60? C
  2. 65 ? C
  3. 64 ? C
  4. 70 ? C


Features of Sexual Reproduction in Animals Quiz

MCQ: The uterus is about length of about

  1. 7.2 cm
  2. 5.1 cm
  3. 7.8 cm
  4. 7.5cm


Holozoic Nutrition Quiz

MCQ: Caecum is the part of

  1. large intestine
  2. small intestine
  3. glands
  4. tonsils