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The Book Digestion in Humans Test Questions, digestion in humans quiz answers PDF download chapter 15-20 to learn online sat biology degree courses. Solve Nutrition in Mammals Test PDF, Digestion in Humans Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book Digestion in Humans Trivia App Download: nutrients in food, excretion in mammals, mammalian skin, why do living organism respire, digestion in humans test prep for online SAT practice test.

The Test: Mucin in saliva helps food to PDF, "Digestion in Humans" App APK Download with ingest, digest, soften, and excrete choices for SAT prep classes. Study nutrition in mammals questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample to enroll in online colleges.

SAT Biology Tests Online: Digestion in Humans Quiz PDF Download - 20

MCQ: Mucin in saliva helps food to

A) digest
B) ingest
C) soften
D) excrete

MCQ: During period of rest, lactic acid is converted into

A) sucrose
B) glucose
C) lactose
D) maltose

MCQ: Cold blooded animals do not have a constant level of

A) Blood
B) Temperature
C) Oxygen
D) Carbon dioxide

MCQ: In adult human, the blood quantity is

A) 2 litres
B) 3 litres
C) 4 litres
D) 5 litres

MCQ: Condensation has a reverse process named as

A) distillation
B) hydrolysis
C) abstract
D) precipitation

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