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Solve What is Educational Psychology multiple choice questions and answers, what is educational psychology quiz answers PDF 11 to learn Educational Psychology course for college certification. Learn Introduction to Educational Psychology quiz questions, what is educational psychology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "What is educational psychology MCQ" book PDF: merits of functionalism and its contributions to education, experiments outside laboratory, a definition of development, introduction to educational psychology, what is educational psychology test prep for psychology certifications.

"Educational psychology attempt to apply the knowledge of psychology in the field of", what is educational psychology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices education, medicine, social sciences, and industrial for online educational psychology degree. Solve introduction to educational psychology questions and answers to improve problem solving skills .

What is Educational Psychology Questions and Answers


Educational psychology attempt to apply the knowledge of psychology in the field of

Social sciences


The oldest method for the study of behavior is

Standardized tests
Intelligence test


Systematic change in the mental processes that underlie all learning and performance is referred to as

Moral development
Cognitive development
Social emotional development
Intellectual development


In this design it is not necessary to have two different individuals or groups of subject for the experiments

Control group design
Multiple group design
Design involving relation
The control test or single group design


Functionalists emphasis that only those things should be taught to the children

Which they could apply in every day life
Which they can remember only
Which they can use on special events
Which are related to their self only
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