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Functionalism Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download 10

Practice Functionalism quiz questions and answers, functionalism MCQs with answers PDF to solve psychology worksheet 10 for online graduate programs. Practice "Systems or Schools of Psychology and Bearing on Education" quiz questions with answers, functionalism Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve psychology test with answers for online psychology degree. Free functionalism MCQs, structuralism, cognitive psychology, behaviorism, prominent pioneers in educational psychology, functionalism test prep for psychology certifications.

"Functionalists believes that knowing the compositions and structure of mind is not as important as", functionalism Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices understanding its activities and functions, understanding the environment where individuals lies, understanding behaviors, and none of these for online educational psychology degree. Learn systems or schools of psychology and bearing on education questions and answers with free online certification courses.

Quiz on Functionalism PDF Download 10

Functionalism Quiz

MCQ: Functionalists believes that knowing the compositions and structure of mind is not as important as

  1. Understanding the environment where individuals lies
  2. Understanding its activities and functions
  3. Understanding behaviors
  4. None of these


Prominent Pioneers in Educational Psychology Quiz

MCQ: First standardized test were given by

  1. Skinner
  2. Edward Lee Thorandike
  3. Lewis Madison Terman
  4. None of these


Behaviorism Quiz

MCQ: Punishment is

  1. An unpleasant event or stimulus
  2. any undesired event or stimulus that weakens or decreases a behavior
  3. a disagreeable consequence
  4. something the individual dislikes


Cognitive Psychology Quiz

MCQ: The most accurate description of the cognitions is

  1. It is about awareness
  2. It includes a wide range of mental activities and psychological processes
  3. Intelligence is the main focus of cognition
  4. it is primarily about intuitive processes


Structuralism Quiz

MCQ: Structuralist psychologist tried to provide a systematic study of

  1. Nature
  2. Behavior
  3. Emotions
  4. Mind