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Forces and Motion Quiz Questions PDF - 53

The Book Forces and Motion Quiz Questions, forces and motion quiz answers PDF download chapter 3-53 to study online physics degree programs. Practice Forces in Physics MCQ with answers PDF, forces and motion Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book Forces and Motion Quiz App Download: forces and motion, centre of gravity: physics, introduction to sound, heat capacity: physics, physics of temperature test prep for ACT test.

The Quiz: A wheelbarrow of mass 75 kg accelerates from rest and reaches the speed of 10 m s-2 in 5 seconds. Its force is PDF, "Forces and Motion" App Download (Free) with 375 n, 150 n, 750 n, and 3750 n choices for colleges offering online degree programs. Solve forces in physics questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample to learn free online courses.

Physics Quiz: Forces & Motion MCQs PDF Download - 53

MCQ: A wheelbarrow of mass 75 kg accelerates from rest and reaches the speed of 10 m s-2 in 5 seconds. Its force is

A) 150 N
B) 375 N
C) 750 N
D) 3750 N

MCQ: When a meter rule is not pivoted at 50 cm, its weight

A) won't cause a turning effect
B) will be zero
C) won't have magnitude
D) will cause a turning effect

MCQ: Sound waves include

A) troughs and crests
B) compressions and crests
C) troughs and rarefactions
D) compressions and rarefactions

MCQ: In a laboratory, 200 g of mercury requires 30000 J of energy is used to raise the temperature from 10 °C to 25 °C, the heat capacity of the mercury would be

A) 1000 J K-1
B) 2000 J K-1
C) −2000 J K-1
D) −1000 J K-1

MCQ: Thermometer that can measure rapidly changing temperature is

A) Mercury-in-glass thermometer
B) Alcohol-in-glass thermometer
C) Platinum resistance thermometer
D) Thermocouple thermometer

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