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Precision and Range Quiz Answers PDF - 131

The Book Precision and Range Quiz Questions and Answers, precision and range Quiz MCQs PDF, chapter 12-131 to download online o level physics course. Study Measurements in Physics MCQ Questions PDF, precision and range Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Precision and Range Quiz App Download: precision and range, speed, velocity and acceleration, electromagnetic waves, mass and weight, pressure of gases test prep for best GRE prep courses online.

The Quiz: Precision of micrometer screw gauge is PDF, "Precision and Range" App (Android & iOS) Free with 0.01 mm, 0.1 cm, 0.1 mm, and 0.01 m choices for online college courses. Practice measurements in physics questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for GRE subject tests.

Physics Quiz Online: Precision & Range MCQs PDF Download - 131

MCQ: Precision of micrometer screw gauge is

A) 0.1 cm
B) 0.01 mm
C) 0.1 mm
D) 0.01 m

MCQ: If a car is moving at a speed of 20 m s-1, and so within 15 s it accelerates uniformly and reaches the speed of 50 m s-1. So the acceleration rate of the car was

A) 1 m s-1
B) 2 m s-1
C) 3 m s-1
D) 5 m s-1

MCQ: When the medium of electromagnetic waves changes from air to water, their speed

A) increases
B) remains same
C) decreases
D) may increase or decrease

MCQ: Vector quantity in four of the following is

A) Speed
B) Weight
C) Mass
D) Time

MCQ: Drinking with a straw is a good example of

A) atmospheric pressure
B) ozonic pressure
C) exospheric pressure
D) tropospheric pressure

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