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Learn Management of Agriculture change quiz questions, management of agriculture change MCQ with answers PDF, test 13 to study Geography online course. Production Location and change trivia questions, Management of Agriculture change Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. Management of Agriculture change Book PDF: drainage basin system, sustainable energy supplies, tropical climates, environmental degradation, management of agriculture change test prep for best two year degrees.

"Giving someone preference or advantage is known as" Quiz PDF: management of agriculture change App APK with soil degradation, preferential treatment, intensive farming, and crop diversification choices for online degree programs. Study production location and change questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online schools that offer certificate programs.

Quiz on Management of Agriculture change MCQs

MCQ: Giving someone preference or advantage is known as

preferential treatment
soil degradation
intensive farming
crop diversification

MCQ: Ozone pollution is an example of

incidental pollution
water pollution
air pollution
sustained pollution

MCQ: Atmospheric high pressure belt situated around the latitudes of 30?N in the northern hemisphere and 30?S in the southern hemisphere is known as

tropical humid climate
seasonally humid climate
subtropical high pressure
tropical ecosystem

MCQ: Power that generates using air which flows through wind turbines is known as

hydroelectric power
energy conservation
thermal power

MCQ: Precipitation that does not reach the soil, but intercepted by the leaves, branches of plants and the forest floor known as

through fall
interception loss