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El Nino and Effects Trivia Questions and Answers PDF Download p. 38

Solve El nino and effects trivia questions and answers PDF, el nino and effects multiple choice questions and answers PDF 38 to learn O level environmental management worksheet 38 for online board exam 2021. Practice Hydrosphere quiz with answers, el nino and effects Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and answers to practice environmental management test with answers for online colleges and universities courses. Free el nino and effects MCQs, earthquakes impacts on people, producers, consumers food chain and webs, sustainable forest management techniques, green revolution, advantages and disadvantages, el nino and effects test prep for online bachelor degree programs.

"The high rainfall due to El Nino event in Los Angeles helped to clear its famous", el nino and effects Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices air pollutions, pollution, smog, and waste to learn online certificate courses. Learn hydrosphere questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for schools that offer online degrees.

El Nino and Effects Questions and Answers PDF Download

El Nino and Effects Quiz

MCQ: The high rainfall due to El Nino event in Los Angeles helped to clear its famous

  1. Pollution
  2. Air Pollutions
  3. Smog
  4. Waste


Green Revolution, Advantages and Disadvantages Quiz

MCQ: What is carbon capture and storage?

  1. Carbon dioxide is captured from the power plant and stored in aquifers
  2. Co2 is removed from the atmosphere
  3. co2 will no longer remain in the atmosphere
  4. Removal of co2


Sustainable Forest Management Techniques Quiz

MCQ: What are the activities in buffer zone?

  1. Sustainable sue of natural resources
  2. Use of Natural Resources
  3. Ecosystems to protect
  4. Human activities


Producers, Consumers Food Chain and Webs Quiz

MCQ: Carnivores are known as

  1. Primary Producers
  2. Secondary Producers
  3. Secondary Consumers
  4. Herbivores


Earthquakes Impacts on People Quiz

MCQ: Mount St Helens located in Washington erupted in

  1. May,1980
  2. May,1984
  3. May,1983
  4. May,1982