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Earth Rocks and Minerals Quiz Answers PDF - 111

The Book Earth Rocks and Minerals Quiz Questions and Answers PDF, earth rocks and minerals Quizzes, chapter 5-111 to download online environmental management course. Solve Lithosphere MCQ Questions PDF, Earth Rocks and Minerals Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Earth, Rocks and Minerals Quizzes App Download: global warming and green house effect, farming systems, agricultural techniques and management, earth, rocks and minerals test prep for online degrees.

The Quiz: The remains of plants and animals, masses of shells of sea on the sea bed forms PDF, "Earth, Rocks and Minerals Quiz" App (Android & iOS) Download with igneous rock, limestone rocks, sedimentary rock, and metaphoric rock choices for schools that offer certificate programs. Study lithosphere questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for colleges that offer online courses.

Environmental Management: Earth Rocks and Minerals MCQs Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: The remains of plants and animals, masses of shells of sea on the sea bed forms

A) Limestone Rocks
B) Igneous Rock
C) Sedimentary Rock
D) Metaphoric Rock

MCQ: The rainfall in hot deserts is

A) 300 mm
B) 700 mm
C) 250mm
D) 400 mm

MCQ: Kyoto protocol was refused by which country?

A) Canada
C) Pakistan
D) India

MCQ: The mantle is formed of thick shell of

A) Igneous Rock
B) Molten Rock
C) Sedimentary Rock
D) Metaphoric Rock

MCQ: CCAMLR was setup in

A) 1982
B) 1988
C) 1987
D) 2000

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