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Valency and Chemical Formula Test Questions PDF - 132

The Book Valency and Chemical Formula Test Questions, valency and chemical formula quiz answers PDF download chapter 3-132 to learn online chemistry certification courses. Solve Chemical Formulae and Equations Test PDF, valency and chemical formula Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book Valency and Chemical Formula Trivia App Download: valency and chemical formula, save energy: o level chemistry, protons, neutrons and electrons test prep for GRE test.

The Test: The chemical formula of Magnesium Carbonate is PDF, "Valency and Chemical Formula" App APK Download with mgco3, mgco3. h2o, mg2co3, and mg3co3 choices for best two year degrees. Study chemical formulae and equations questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for colleges offering online degree programs.

Chemistry Tests Online: Valency & Chemical Formula Quiz PDF Download - 132

MCQ: The chemical formula of Magnesium Carbonate is

A) MgCO3. H2O
B) MgCO3
C) Mg2CO3
D) Mg3CO3

MCQ: The word LPG stands for

A) liquefied purified gas
B) liquefied patrol gas
C) liquefied petroleum gas
D) latent petroleum gas

MCQ: Helium (He) is not an inert gas because it has

A) higher chemical reactivity only
B) half shell of valence electrons only
C) no electrons
D) higher chemical reactivity and half shell of valence electrons

MCQ: Carbon-12 is chosen as the standard atom because

A) it is found in most organic compounds
B) it is decomposable in nature
C) mass of 12 units has been measured very accurately
D) Carbon is the most common element

MCQ: If the valency of both Calcium and Sulphate ion is 2, the formula of calcium sulfate will be

A) CaSO3
B) CaSO4
C) Ca2(SO4)2
D) Ca2SO4

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