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Acids and Bases MCQ with Answers PDF p. 6

Acids and Bases MCQ with answers, Acids and Bases quiz worksheet with answers key PDF to practice O Level Chemistry MCQ Test 6 for online courses. Practice ph scale: acid and alkali Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Acids and Bases quiz with answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Acids and Bases MCQs PDF: ph scale: acid and alkali, organic acid career test for online colleges that offer financial aid.

"What is true about baking powder?" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on acids and bases with choices it is alkaline, it is acidic, it is neutral, and it is salty for online degree programs. Solve ph scale: acid and alkali quiz questions for jobs' assessment test and online courses for online college for teaching degree.

MCQs on Acids & Bases

MCQ: What is true about baking powder?

it is acidic
it is alkaline
it is neutral
it is salty

MCQ: The pH of 7 is shown through a color of


MCQ: Acid shows red color with

litmus indicator
universal indicator
methyl orange indicator
all of above

MCQ: Insect bites and stinging nettles contain

formic acid
tartaric acid
oxalic acid
malic acid

MCQ: Seawater has a pH of


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