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Genetically Modified Organisms Trivia Questions and Answers PDF p. 258

Learn Genetically Modified Organisms trivia questions and answers, genetically modified organisms worksheets with answers PDF 258 to practice O Level Biology exam questions for online classes. Practice Microorganisms and Applications in Biotechnology MCQ questions, genetically modified organisms Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Genetically Modified Organisms Quizzes PDF: mineral salts, biology questions answers, mucus, biotechnology: fermentation products, genetically modified organisms test prep for free online college courses.

"If genetic material of another species is added into the host then organism resulting from this is classified as", genetically modified organisms Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices transgenic, clone genes, cisgenic, and cross genes for online college courses. Learn microorganisms and applications in biotechnology questions and answers to improve problem solving skills to learn free online courses.

Trivia Quiz on Genetically Modified Organisms MCQs


If genetic material of another species is added into the host then organism resulting from this is classified as

clone genes
cross genes


In dough, the starch is digested into sugar through



Mucus is made through

amino acids


Heat, acids (H+) or alkalis (OH-) easily break the

coils in proteins structure
the glucose into galactose
the saturated fats in cholesterol
cellulose into glucose


Most of the water and minerals are absorbed in zone of

cell multiplication
cell elongation
cell maturation
all of above

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