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Biological Science Worksheet with Answers PDF Download eBook - 126

Learn Biological science worksheet with answers PDF, biological science MCQ with answers to practice O level biology test 126 for online job interview. Practice "Respiration in Biology" trivia questions and answers, biological science Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Free biological science MCQs, what is selective reabsorption, herbaceous and woody plants, limiting factors, fermentation: o level biology, biological science test prep for colleges that offer online degrees.

"Too little carbon dioxide (CO2) in lungs leads to", biological science Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices over breathing, no breathing, under breathing, and asthma for colleges that offer online degrees. Learn respiration in biology questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for best online ACT prep class.

Trivia Quiz on Biological Science PDF Download eBook

Biological Science Quiz

MCQ: Too little carbon dioxide (CO2) in lungs leads to

  1. no breathing
  2. over breathing
  3. under breathing
  4. asthma


Fermentation: O Level Biology Quiz

MCQ: From which fungi class ,yeast belongs to

  1. unicellular fungi
  2. multicellular fungi
  3. bicellular fungi
  4. tricellular fungi


Limiting factors Quiz

MCQ: Primary factors controlling the rate of photosynthesis are known as

  1. inhibiting factors
  2. limiting factors
  3. expediting factors
  4. supporting factors


Herbaceous and Woody Plants Quiz

MCQ: Hollow space between xylem is called

  1. vessel
  2. lumen
  3. lignin
  4. pits


What is Selective Reabsorption Quiz

MCQ: Collecting tubules transport waste materials into the

  1. renal pelvis
  2. ureter
  3. hilus
  4. medulla