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Transport in Mammals Worksheet with Answers PDF p. 4

Transport in Mammals worksheets with answers, Transport in Mammals trivia questions with answers PDF to learn O Level Biology mock tests 4 for online certification. Learn heart: o level biology MCQs, Transport in Mammals quiz questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Transport in Mammals MCQ PDF: heart: o level biology, mode of action of heart, circulatory system career test for online college bachelor degree.

"In transportation of mammals, median septum" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on transport in mammals with choices allows exchange of blood between right and left ventricle, allows exchange of blood between right and left atrium, is a semi-permeable membrane, and completely separates the right and left sides of the heart for free online college courses. Solve heart: o level biology quiz questions for jobs' assessment test and online courses for ACT subject tests.

MCQs on Transport in Mammals Quiz

MCQ: In transportation of mammals, median septum

allows exchange of blood between right and left atrium
allows exchange of blood between right and left ventricle
is a semi-permeable membrane
completely separates the right and left sides of the heart

MCQ: Back flow of blood from right ventricle to right atrium is prevented through

semilunar valves
mitral valves
tricuspid valves
median septum

MCQ: Left atrium receives blood from the

pulmonary veins
two vena cava
right ventricle
left ventricle

MCQ: Blood in pulmonary arteries is at a lower pressure than blood in aorta allowing

tricuspid valve to shut
bicuspid valve to shut
gaseous exchange to effectively take place in lungs
semi lunar valves to prevent backflow of blood

MCQ: When the heart relaxes,

person respires
peristalsis movements occur
bile is produced
the heart gets filled with blood

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