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The Book Muscles Proteins MCQ Quiz Questions, muscles proteins MCQ answers PDF chapter 8-24 to review online courses, medical biochemistry tests. Solve Tissue Proteins and Body Fluid MCQ questions, Muscles Proteins Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The App Muscles Proteins Tests e-Book PDF Download: nucleic acid, classification of hormones, plasma protein: immunoglobin, acid-base balance, muscles proteins test prep .

The MCQ Quiz: The mutation in the gene coding for the protein dystrophin leads to PDF, "Muscles Proteins Tests" App APK Download with stroke, muscular dystrophy, muscle fatigue, and muscular fracture choices . Study tissue proteins and body fluid questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample .

Medical Biochemistry: Muscles Proteins MCQs Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: The mutation in the gene coding for the protein dystrophin leads to

A) Muscular dystrophy
B) Stroke
C) Muscle fatigue
D) Muscular fracture

MCQ: The body response to acid-base imbalance is termed as

A) Balance
B) Compensation
C) Equilibrium
D) Imbalance

MCQ: The heavy chains of the Immunoglobin contain

A) 320 amino acids
B) 450 amino acids
C) 460 amino acids
D) 477 amino acids

MCQ: The chemical messenger that perform various body functions are termed as

A) Hormones
B) Vitamins
C) Nerves
D) Signals

MCQ: Nucleic acids are

A) Essential nutrients
B) Nonessential nutrients
C) Esterified
D) Unestrified

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