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Un saturated Fat Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook p. 64

Practice Un saturated Fat quiz questions and answers, un saturated fat MCQs with answers PDF to solve MCAT worksheet 64 for online graduate programs. Learn "Metabolism of Fatty Acids and Proteins" quiz questions with answers, un saturated fat Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve MCAT biology test with answers for online university degrees. Free un saturated fat MCQs, initiation and termination codons, dna denaturation, reannealing and hybridization, immune system, composition of membranes, un saturated fat test prep for high school entrance exam.

"Unsaturated fats have", un saturated fat Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices high melting points, low melting points, high boiling points, and melts at room temperature to enroll in online colleges. Learn metabolism of fatty acids and proteins questions and answers with free online certification courses for online career assessment.

Quiz on Un saturated Fat PDF Download eBook

Un saturated Fat Quiz

MCQ: Unsaturated fats have

  1. low melting points
  2. high melting points
  3. high boiling points
  4. melts at room temperature


Composition of Membranes Quiz

MCQ: Proteins that completely span the lipid bilayer are called as

  1. extrinsic proteins
  2. intrinsic proteins
  3. fibrous proteins
  4. Peripheral proteins


Immune System Quiz

MCQ: Cells which kills the cells that display foreign motifs on their surface are

  1. plasma cells
  2. red blood cells
  3. antigens
  4. cytotoxic T lymphocytes


DNA denaturation, Reannealing and Hybridization Quiz

MCQ: A technique which measures genetic distance between two species is called

  1. DNA hybridization
  2. DNA reannealing
  3. DNA denaturation
  4. DNA sequencing


Initiation and Termination Codons Quiz

MCQ: In eukaryotes the initiation codons always codes for

  1. methionine
  2. cytosine
  3. Met
  4. Valine