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Measures of Location Multiple Choice Questions p. 14

Study Measures of Location multiple choice questions and answers, measures of location quiz answers PDF 14 to study MBA Statistics course online. Descriptive Statistics Numerical Measures MCQ trivia questions, measures of location Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Measures of Location MCQ" PDF eBook: data elements, variables and observations, f-distribution, events and their probabilities, chi-square distribution, measures of location test prep for online schools for business administration.

"For zero moment r= 0, the computed result is equals to" MCQ PDF: -1, 1, 0, and mean value for admission in top business universities. Learn descriptive statistics numerical measures questions and answers to improve problem solving skills .

Measures of Location Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: For zero moment r= 0, the computed result is equals to

Mean value

MCQ: If a dice is thrown 60 times and 6 observations are calculated, what is the expected value to have for each observation?


MCQ: A random variable say x, having some finite range of values is known to be

Continuous random variable
Compound random variable
Discrete random variable
Transitive random variable

MCQ: Probability of the entire sample space i.e. P(S) is equals to?


MCQ: For calculation of statistical inference, the sampling techniques can be classified into

One type
Two types
Three types
Four types