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Compensation System Design Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 55

Practice Compensation System Design quiz questions and answers, compensation system design MCQs with answers PDF to solve MBA HR worksheet 55 for online graduate programs. Practice "Compensation Strategies and Practices" quiz questions with answers, compensation system design Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve human resource management test with answers for online human resources degree. Free compensation system design MCQs, nature of job analysis, recruiting evaluation, eeo compliance, training development, compensation system design test prep for top rated online MBA programs.

"The compensation philosophy according to which the organization increase the salary of employees every year is called", compensation system design Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices entitlement orientation philosophy, primacy orientation philosophy, performance orientation philosophy, and recency orientation philosophy for online college classes. Learn compensation strategies and practices questions and answers with free online certification courses for getting an MBA. Compensation System Design Video

Quiz on Compensation System Design PDF Download eBook

Compensation System Design Quiz

MCQ: The compensation philosophy according to which the organization increase the salary of employees every year is called

  1. primacy orientation philosophy
  2. entitlement orientation philosophy
  3. performance orientation philosophy
  4. recency orientation philosophy


Training Development Quiz

MCQ: If the trainers of employees are hired from some external sources such as external consultants and training firms, then this is classified as

  1. in sourcing of training
  2. e-training
  3. outsourcing of training
  4. all of above


EEO Compliance Quiz

MCQ: In the criterion-related validity, if the correlation coefficient of validity test is -0.45 then the test is classified as

  1. bad predictor
  2. bad criterion
  3. good criterion
  4. good predictor


Recruiting Evaluation Quiz

MCQ: The individual hiring percentage from the group of candidates is classified as

  1. success base rate
  2. acceptance rate
  3. selection rate
  4. yield rate


Nature of Job Analysis Quiz

MCQ: The basic characteristics linked to individuals or work teams related to enhanced performance are classified as

  1. affirmative function
  2. shamrock functions
  3. competencies
  4. none of above