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Organizational Incentives Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook p. 44

Practice Organizational Incentives quiz questions, organizational incentives multiple choice questions and answers PDF to prepare MBA human resources exam worksheet 44 for online certificate programs. Practice "Variable Pay and Executive Compensation" quiz with answers, organizational incentives Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve human resource management test with answers for online human resources degree. Free organizational incentives MCQs, performance appraisal rater errors, labor markets, appraising performance methods, equal employment opportunity, organizational incentives test prep for easiest online MBA.

"The objectives of using techniques of profit sharing to give incentive the employees include", organizational incentives Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices improve product quality, improve employee morale, recruit employees, and all of the above for easiest online MBA programs to get into. Learn variable pay and executive compensation questions and answers with free online certification courses for online college classes. Organizational Incentives Video

Organizational Incentives Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Organizational Incentives Quiz

MCQ: The objectives of using techniques of profit sharing to give incentive the employees include

  1. improve employee morale
  2. improve product quality
  3. recruit employees
  4. all of the above


Equal Employment Opportunity Quiz

MCQ: In criterion-related validity, the range of correlation coefficient is

  1. minus five to plus five
  2. minus one to zero
  3. zero to plus one
  4. minus one to plus one


Appraising Performance Methods Quiz

MCQ: The procedural method which describes the goals to individual employees and manager try to attain the goals within specified length of time is classified as

  1. combination method
  2. critical incident method
  3. behavioral rating approach
  4. management by objectives


Labor Markets Quiz

MCQ: The supply pool outside the organization to attract individuals for job is classified as

  1. compression market
  2. affirmative market
  3. applicant market
  4. labor market


Performance Appraisal Rater Errors Quiz

MCQ: The appraising performance measurement error which results when whole job is rated on the basis of selected job criterion is classified as

  1. contrast error
  2. sampling error
  3. rater bias
  4. halo effect