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Developing Human Resources Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 43

Developing Human Resources quiz questions and answers, developing human resources MCQ with answers PDF 43 to solve Human Resource Management System mock tests for online college programs. Solve HR Careers and Development trivia questions, developing human resources Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Developing Human Resources Interview Questions PDF: strategic recruiting decisions, employees performance, equal employment laws and concepts, evaluation of training, developing human resources test prep for online schools for business administration.

"The second step of HR development process in any organization is" MCQ PDF with choices formulate hr plans, identifying capabilities, determining development approaches, and assessing the needs for development for admission in top business universities. Practice hr careers and development questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for MBA rotational programs.

Quiz on Developing Human Resources MCQs

MCQ: The second step of HR development process in any organization is

identifying capabilities
formulate HR plans
determining development approaches
assessing the needs for development

MCQ: In training evaluation, the measurement of how much of the concepts, attitudes and theories learned have made impact on job is classified as

learning evaluation step
behavior evaluation step
reaction evaluation step
results evaluation step

MCQ: The fundamental duties related to a person performing a particular job are classified as

job functions
organization efforts
legislative rights
none of the above

MCQ: In Herzberg hygiene ⁄ motivation theory, the factors that can cause higher level of motivation and satisfaction in a job are classified as

hygiene factors
performing factors
both A and B

MCQ: The workers in a firm who perform job services on contractual basis are classified as

affirmative contractors
compression contractors
dependent contractors
independent contractors