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Bar codes Tags and Magnetic Stripes Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 112

Practice Bar codes Tags and Magnetic Stripes quiz questions and answers, bar codes tags and magnetic stripes MCQ with answers PDF 112 to solve Computer Fundamentals mock tests for online college programs. Solve Data Preparation and Input trivia questions, bar codes tags and magnetic stripes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Bar codes, Tags and Magnetic Stripes Quiz PDF: applications and system programs, program design and implementation, software programmer, programs and program languages, bar codes, tags and magnetic stripes test prep for best online schools for computer science.

"A tag with two or three parts, have punched holes and can be separated with perforated lines is called", bar codes tags and magnetic stripes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices kimball tag, coded cardboard, tagged card, and decoded material for CS major. Practice data preparation and input questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for applied computer science.

Quiz on Bar codes Tags & Magnetic Stripes MCQs


A tag with two or three parts, have punched holes and can be separated with perforated lines is called

coded cardboard
Kimball tag
tagged card
decoded material


Computer language based on machine code is classified as

high level programming language
low level programming language
advanced level programming language
ordinary programming language


Quality monitoring, liaison with managers operations and providing assistance to keyboard operators are duties of

punching supervisor
peripheral supervisor
data preparation supervisor
terminal supervisor


All variables used in any program must be declared first in

FIX statement
VAR statement
REF statement
REP statement


System software's are supplied by the

text slots
payroll programmers
inquiry programmers

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