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Refrigeration MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download eBook

Solve Refrigeration Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), refrigeration quiz answers PDF worksheet, general knowledge practice test for online courses. Learn technology inventions Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Refrigeration" quiz questions and answers for college entrance exams. Learn fluorescent lamp, modern electric products, optical disc, porcelain test prep for easy enrollment online colleges.

"Who is known as 'Father Of Refrigeration'?" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on refrigeration with choices oliver evans, jacob perkins, john gorrie, and william c. durant for college entrance exams. Practice refrigeration quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs to learn free online courses. Refrigeration Video

MCQs on Refrigeration PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Who is known as 'Father Of Refrigeration'?

  1. Oliver Evans
  2. Jacob Perkins
  3. John Gorrie
  4. William C. Durant


MCQ: Vapor compression refrigeration machine was invented by Oliver Evans in

  1. 1905
  2. 1910
  3. 1805
  4. 1808


MCQ: World's first refrigerator was invented by

  1. Oliver Evans
  2. Jacob Perkins
  3. John Gorrie
  4. William Crapo Durant


MCQ: Inventor who modified the design of vapor compression refrigeration machine invented by Oliver Evans to invent first refrigerator is

  1. John Gorrie
  2. William Crapo Durant
  3. Oliver Evans
  4. Jacob Perkins